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"Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken."


       -Oscar Wilde

Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School



Students in the sixth grade  will learn to both understand and identify the many adversities faced in medieval times .  Through identifying adversities, students will then move on to making connections between challenges faced then, and now.  It is with great hopes that each scholar develops the ability to view each and every circumstance using the lens of many perspectives.

Purpose of the Course

The main purpose of this course is to ensure that you are given the proper tools needed to not only get through middle school, but to surpass any goals you may set for yourself throughout your entire journey of life. To begin you will need to understand that abiding by rules set for you now will only help you to value your integrity as you get older.


This is my second year at TAG and I am beyond elated to be a part of  your scholar's learning growth! I look forward to not only providing your scholar with the tools necessary to pass the  course, but to provide them with tools that will help them surpass survival to thriving throughout their lives. With that being said, I strongly believe that holding each child accountable for his or her own actions. Accountability  fosters the Power of Integrity and Pride within themselves as they grow up to be the leaders of not only our school, but our future as well. 


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Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School 

355 Plainfield Street, Springfield MA 01104

School Phone: 413-750-2333

Email is my preferred method of communication.  I will try to respond to all emails within one business day.  

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